What is Compounding?

Compounding is a working partnership between the physician, pharmacist and patient to solve a patient’s unique medical problem. This partnership is called the compounding triad.

Physicians can tailor the medication to the individual patient. No longer are physicians limited to “cookie cutter” medicine. Their choices now include new routes of administration, dosage strengths, pharmaceutical combinations and the ability to develop new, potentially helpful compounds.

Partners In Care's Compounded Dosage Forms

Preservative & Dye-Free Formulations
Lip Balms
Lactose Free Formulations
Medicated Lollipops
Lozenges & Popsicles
Nasal Sprays & Solutions
CreamOphthalmics Injectable
Oral Suspensions
Otic Insufflations
Otic Solutions & Suspensions 
Rapid Dissolve Tablets
Rectal Enemas
Rectal Suppositories
Sterile Injections
Sterile Eye Drops 
Sublingual Tablets
Sugar Free Formulations
Throat Sprays
Topical Powders
Transdermal Gels
Vaginal Creams
Vaginal Suppositories
Veterinary Preparation

“Caring for you like family” is our goal. Our pharmacist has the training in bio-identical hormone replacement, men’s health, pain management, wound care and endocrinology to answers patient’s questions, make physician referrals, and work with the physician to create a unique formulation to solve the patient’s problem. One drug will not meet every patient’s need. Patients’ are allergic to dyes, have lactose intolerance, and are allergic to preservatives, adhesives in patches, and to certain ingredients in vaginal creams. These are just a few of the problems that can be solved by a compounding pharmacist. We care enough to listen and solve your problem.

Pharmaceutical compounding requires a higher level of expertise and dedication to pharmacy than just the act of mixing. Partners In Care has a reference library on drugs, their actions, their routes of administration, their compatibilities and incompatibilities. Chuck Fulmer, RPh, FIACP has the compounding experience to discuss a potential formula with you immediately. However sometimes it is necessary to review the specific medication and dosage forms applicable to a certain condition. The ability to create an effective new formula is truly the art of compounding. High tech compounding equipment, proper maintenance, written protocols and a written log of each compounded preparation assures that only products meeting the highest standards are prepared and dispensed at Partners In Care.
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