Gynecology Prescription Examples

17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injectable

Progesterone (in various strengths) Injectables, Vaginal Suppositories, Capsules Olive Oil Filled or Slow Release

Nystatin/Lactobacillus acidophilus Capsules (in Various strengths)

Hypo-allergenic/Non Irritating Vaginal Creams

Boric Acid Suppositories (Azole Resistant Candida)

Boric Acid, Melaleuca Alternifolia Suppositories (Azole Resistant Candida)

Rectal Rocket (hemorrhoids relief)

Itraconazole Acidophilus-Lactobacillus Vaginal Cream

Ketoprofen, Vitamin E Cream (Fibrocystic Breast)

Ketoprofen, Progesterone, Vitamin E Cream (Fibrocystic Breast)

Ketoprofen, Tamoxifen, Vitamin E Cream (Fibrocystic Breast)

Caffiene, Indomethocin, Prochlorperazine Suppositories (Migraine Headache)

Chlorpromazine Suppositories (various strengths for morning sickness)

Prochlorperazine Suppositories or Transdermal Gels (various strengths for morning sickness)

Promethazine Transdermal Gels (various strengths for morning sickness)

Prednisone Hyper-Emesis Transdermal Pack Gel

Betamethasone, Testosterone cream

Ketoconazole Testosterone Cream

These are just some examples of prescriptions that we have filled in the past for Gynecologist to meet their patient’s unique needs. Have your physician call us about formulating a preparation to solve your problem.

17-Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Injectable and Independent laboratory reports on potency, sterility and pyrogens are available.

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