Compounding Costs
                                   Cost of compounded Prescriptions

Compounded prescriptions may or may not cost more than conventional medication. The cost of a compounded prescription depends on the dosage form, the equipment used, and the time researching and preparing the medication. Frequently our price is below the patient’s insurance co-pay. The average price of a custom compounded prescription at Partners In Care is less that half the price of the average brand name prescription.

Partners In Care works with patients and physicians to lower the patient’s cost while still producing the highest quality compounded medications. Combining multiple drugs can be cost effective for the patient. Also dispensing larger quantities of compounded medicine after the patient’s dosage is stabilized can lower patient cost. The labor to make 10 capsules is the same as the labor to make 100 capsules.

We are frequently asked to give a price on several ingredients and with different strengths. Compounded medications are custom medications. The word custom means made to order. There could be a vast difference between a custom made hot rod for Jay Leno and one for an enthusiast in Gainesville, GA. There were could a vast difference in a custom gown made for Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and a custom gown made for Governor Nathan Deal’s wife Sandra. The point is custom compounded medications are not the same.

The 90 second video below demonstrates the importance of one piece of equipment in the outcome of the final medication.

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